Rap al despertar (Subverso, homenaje a estudiantes chilenos)

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17 de Julio

In my opinion the MOA locaoitn should be targeted at three things:1. Convenience if it’s a simple test that could be done there instead of in Rochester, offer it. Follow-up with Rochester Dr’s. via telemedicine. etcetera.2. Getting the younger demographic involved this locaoitn should be highly attractive to young people (who frequent MOA). Getting teens, and even children, to start taking ownership of their health is crucial. The earlier the better. Some parents don’t know how to coach their children towards a healthy lifestyle. The Clinic has the tools to help with that.3. Issues that impact a large portion of the population obesity, smoking cessation, etc. I love the idea of nutritional information on the various eateries within the mall to help consumers make educated choices while shopping. Having walking routes mapped would also be helpful. Readily available help for smoking cessation would be great as well. A lot of people don’t want to make an appointment just to go in for help in this area. Having it available on a walk-in basis may make it easier for people to kick the habit especially the younger smokers.Best wishes as you embark on this new endeavor!!

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